Complete meditation, mindfulness and mind training course

Learn the art of meditation and mastery of the mind. Bring inner peace, focus and mindfulness into your life.

What you'll learn

  • Learn to calm the mind and enter into a state of deep meditation and relaxation
  • Develop health, inner wisdom, mindfulness and true happiness
  • Several powerful mindfulness breathing techniques for meditation to cleanse and harmonize mind and body
  • 4 hours of BEA (brain enhancing audio) mp3 files to help harmonize the brain for easier meditation
  • Recover and/ or prevent burn-out and stress through mindfulness meditation
  • Learn to transcend suffering and be free and understand you are part of this divine creation
  • Meditations to realize that you create for a great part your own reality and how you can influence that


  • An open heart and mind
  • Desire to know the truth about yourself and reality
  • Willingness to learn about your mind and emotions
  • A desire to make a change in the way you feel and think


'Awakening | Complete meditation, mindfulness and mind training course' is an easy to follow and practical meditation course for complete beginners and advanced meditators. The course is filled with easy to follow guided meditations and theory you will get a deeper understanding of the workings of the mind and emotions and the nature of this reality.
For Yoga Teachers: This is an official Yoga Alliance® Registered meditation course which gives the student 6-hours Yoga Alliance® CEU points.
This course can be added to your YACEP - for 16 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Educational Points. You can find this meditation course on the Yoga Alliance website to add points there.
Meditation is much more than just a relaxation practice; it is the way true and lasting inner peace and happiness. More and more scientific studies show that meditation positively impacts mental and physical health: it reduces stress; improves sleep; increases focus; heals a great variety of diseases and it even improves relationships. Live your life with more focus and attention, in a state of complete mindfulness and you will see the wonderful changes start to manifest in your life.

In this extensive meditation course spiritual teacher Michaël Bijker will take you on a wonderful journey into the art of breathing; the workings of the mind and the healing of the spirit. The course is filled with enlightening guided meditation sessions and several breathing techniques and practical tools that help to calm and harmonize mind and body which will make it easier to go into a state of meditation. Breathing with mindfulness is the gateway to learning to meditate.

There will be different types of meditation explained in this course including mindfulness meditation and Vipassana meditation. Vipassana meditation is said to be the type of meditation Guatama Buddha taught and is currently the most widely practiced technique. Most importantly you will learn in a systematic way how to do the mindfulness and meditation sessions by yourself and apply these techniques in daily life for inner-peace, health and long-lasting happiness.
Learn in a relaxed and enjoyable way the beautiful practice of meditation. Apply mindfulness in daily life to improve focus, clarity and inner wisdom and create a beautiful, healthy, and happy life for yourself and others.

Who this course is for:

  • People that want to learn more about meditation and mindfulness
  • People that want to learn to relax deeply and focus better

This course includes:

  • 9,5 horas de vídeo sob demanda
  • 6 artigos
  • 8 recursos para download
  • Acesso no dispositivo móvel e na TV
  • Acesso total vitalício
  • Certificado de conclusão

Created By: Michaël Bijker is one of the world's leading Pranayama and Breathwork instructors. He is the best-selling course creator of QiGong, Breathwork and Meditation courses on Udemy. His teachings have transformed the lives of thousands of people around the world.

Michaël has practiced mind training and meditation since the age of 14 and studied QiGong and Yoga since having to recover from a severe car accident that happened in the year 2001. By the powerful methods of QiGong and Yoga and the grace of God he was able to recover from injuries of which medical professionals considered he would probably not heal. Since then he has been committed to helping others to learn these wonderful techniques as well that will not only give health, focus and strength, but makes us realize what we truly are and what our true calling is.

He has been traveling around the world encountering knowledge for his passion for body and mind work, especially Meditation, Yoga, QiGong and Breathwork. His teachings has helped many from all over the world. Focusing on training mind and body to help each person to get to know it's real nature and essence and to free your mind. He now teaches Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork and mind training in Portugal.
Michaël is a certified 800hr (certified by YogaAlliance) teacher with a Yoga Therapy certification from Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences & Research, Indore, where he studied under the loving and wise guidance of Dr. Omanand - Guruji.

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